Terms and Conditions

The benefits associated with this membership are available only while your membership is active. The benefits are redeemable only one time during a year period. If You cancel Your membership before redeeming all of the Benefits associated with this membership, those benefits will expire and no longer be available to you.

All Benefits must be redeemed in one transaction (per service or product). Benefits may not be split among separate transactions and may not be redeemed for cash. Redeemable Benefits will expire at the end of your annual subscription and cannot be rolled into the following year, even if your membership is renewed.

Tri-Fun LLC reserves the right to modify the benefits associated with this membership at any time and in its sole discretion. The details of the benefits you receive with this membership including products and/or the various services offered therein, might be different than those details applicable to another new or existing member who purchased the same membership in the same market. You may contact Tri-Fun LLC if You have any questions at info@tri-fun.com.